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Can't Find It? Build It!!

As the housing market around Nashville continues to be so relentlessly competitive right now, one solution people are looking toward is building their dream home a stone's throw from the chaos. As Nashville continues to grow, so too do the surrounding areas, in part out of necessity and in part because people still want to be able to "get away from it all."

To do this, however, means either buying (or building!) a home that offers a certain amount of escape. Fortunately, being in Tennessee means there is a plethora of gorgeous property just about anywhere you look! Although it involves being much more flexible in terms of timeline and location, in many cases buying land and building your dream home actually saves you money! Not to mention going this route allows you to have total control over the final product. It may not be the typical or standard route to one's dream home, but right now (especially with the market going crazy) buyers are having to be creative when it comes to finding that perfect property. If you would like more info on land listings or any other related topic, I'd love the chance to get together and discuss options! 615-828-5989 ///

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