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Why I Love Where I Live!

They say there’s no place like home, and that home is where the heart is. Over the last nine years Nashville has truly become a home like no other! Growing up in Middle Tennessee, I was always aware of Nashville, but only ever spent sporadic amounts of time here. When my wife and I moved here after college, we really didn’t know what to expect (both coming from small towns). It wasn’t long, however, before we started appreciating where we had landed. Although Nashville has seen some of the most growth of any city in the nation over the past decade, there still exists this charm about Nashville that makes it feel like the world's “biggest small town.”

As someone who enjoys being out in nature, Nashville has an endless amount of opportunities to get outdoors and enjoy the splendor of the natural world around. From hikes through the woods, to paddling down rivers there’s always ways to get outside and be active around (and within) the city. Then, after spending the day outside, Nashville also provides a plethora of options for enjoying city life. From live music, to professional sports and great restaurants, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in Nashville.

But it’s not just what Nashville has to do for fun that makes this such a great place to live. The influx of businesses moving to the area has ensured that Nashville will have a healthy supply of good paying jobs, a strong real estate market (woohoo!), and many other benefits of consistent growth for years to come. Recently Nashville set a new record with over $5 billion worth of building permits! Furthermore, the completion of Nashville’s new Village at Glencliff community showcases that the city is taking steps to help address homelessness. And with organizations like Thistle Farms and Mending Hearts, Nashville is full of people and places ready to lend a helping hand to those in need.

When you combine all these factors, you begin to see why Nashville is such an amazing place to be right now and why so many people are wanting to move here. Nashville has a lot going on to be proud of right now, with so many different things to enjoy, it looks like Nashville will continue to make people fall in love as I have!

If you or someone you know is thinking about making the Nashville area their future home, I’d love to touch base and see if there’s anything at all I can do to help! 615-828-5989 /// ///

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